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Ten Year Guarantee!
Guaranteed not to peel, blister or fade for 10 Years. It should last 30 - 40 years or longer! Just like a new porcelain surface.



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Professional Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing, Sink refinishing, Fiberglass refinishing

experienced Bathtub refinishing professional

Please note! i had major surgery March 9th.
Will be back to work in July (if all goes well).

  Bathtub refinishing is a science and an art
Refinish your existing fixtures and save thousands! Is your bathtub or fiberglass unit worn out, chipped, scratched or the wrong color?
For a fraction of replacement cost it can be refinished like BRAND NEW!
Expert Bathtub Refinishing   Refinishing Specialist

I am a bathtub refinishing specialist with a process derived from 35 Years of Experience.
I provide a beautiful, durable, easy to clean and sanitary surface utilizing state of the art equipment and material. Established in 1988, I take great pride in the work I do.
Extra service at no charge

Your bathtub refinishing is done in one day! Any color can be applied. There is no extra charge for in-stock colors, color matching with in-stock colors, repairing moderate damage or rendering the floor of your bathtub non-slip.
  Bathtub refinishing  
Fiberglass refinishing   Care for the environment

Some companies use highly toxic coatings, I will not use them. Environmentally friendly High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray equipment is used, this does not make unnecessary air pollution. We also use ventilation equipment so your refinish will make absolutely no mess in your house!
Buyer beware!

Please be aware! Refinishing companies are not all the same! Some companies use epoxy or car paint. They will give you a one or five year warranty.
What sets me apart from the competition? Click here to find out
  Standard Bathtub Refinishing  
Durokote II
  • Outstanding high gloss retention
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing
  • Impervious to acids, alkali, solvents, oil and other chemicals
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to bathtubs, ceramic tile and fiberglass
  • Completely washable with strong detergents
  • Excellent color retention
  • Provides a high gloss tile-like finish
  • Any color can be applied or matched to suit
A unique thermosetting coating that combines the best properties of acrylic and urethane. A hard glossy finish that does not turn yellow, is chemical and abrasion resistant and will not peel or blister.
DUROKOTE II is an aliphatic acrylic urethane coating that was developed for refinishing. 10 Year GUARANTEE that the surface will not peel. It should last 30-40 years or longer! Just like a new porcelain surface. It looks so much like brand new if you didn't know a refinish had been done you would not be able to tell.
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Extra Service!

Free In-Stock Colors

Free Non-Slip Surface

Work Done In One Day

35 Years of Experience

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